What we do

CUSP aims to bring together people to do action research that enhances their life choices and life chances within their communities.  Together with a range of partners we undertake research which uses creative methods of enquiring and acting collaboratively.  

CUSP can also provide consultancy to support action research projects, evaluation of work with communities and professional development for people working in and with communities. 

CUSP, in a Wordle...

Just some things we are currently involved in ....

What is the impact of CLD practices on the well-being of young people and adults?

This project, led by Professor Karen McArdle, will be a systematic review of the research into CLD work with young people and adults in Scotland.

Karen is also supporting action research being conducted in Inverurie in the context of new legislation on community participation in decision making to identify methods of involving professionals in local learning partnerships. 

In Banff, Cusp is supporting an action research project exploring young people’s experiences of health and well-being through visual research methods. 

A new and exciting CUSP project is just starting with Active Inquiry theatre company: Act now? Making theatre for social action.