CARN Study Day 2017: active enquiry


Theatre of the Oppressed: active enquiry

An interdisciplinary dialogue              

Sunday 21st May 2017    Out of the Blue Drill Hall, Edinburgh




This workshop brought together practitioners from research, theatre, community work,critical pedagogy and professional development to enquire into the use of Theatre of the Oppressed in the current socio-political context.        



  The scene was set by a performance of The Fairground by theatre company Active Inquiry.  A Forum process allowed us all to experiment withbecoming 'spect-actors' to explore the social justice issues addressed in the play. After lunch, a short film and talk by Andy Stafford and Sally Keys illustrated some of the current work of the Lawnmowers theatre company. 

We explored questions about Theatre of the Oppressed in four categories:



The questions were explored in groups, using various techniques from the repertoire of Theatre of the Oppressed and bearing in mind Boal's idea of Chinese Crisis - the tension between threat and opportunity.