CLD Summer School 2015

A three day summer school in June 2015 provided opportunities for practitioners to come together with CLD postgraduate students, past and prospective, to reflect on creative enquiry practices in community work.   As well as sessions organised by the Aberdeen City Creative Learning team and facilitated by artists, including performance poet Anita Govan,  students completing the Postgraduate Diploma in CLD ran a full day’s workshop in which they exploited innovative approaches to enquiry they had experienced in their professional development programme.  


Some students also shared the research which they had undertaken in the final phase of the  programme.                          

View the posters of their enquiries:

A reception for the graduating students was followed by a keynote presentation by Dr Kaz Stuart, entitled 'Problematising Empowerment' which posed the following questions:       

  • What is your definition?
  • Is it different for everyone?
  • Does it change by context?
  • Can it be measured?
  • Can you have too much?
  • Has it been corrupted in  practice?                                                                         
           Summer School 2015